Art Santa Fe 2017 Art Lab – Translation

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We are excited for another year of cutting-edge programs at Art Santa Fe! This year one of our Art Labs focuses on graphic symbols that represent language. Inspired by the work of Henri Matisse, this Art Lab is a must-see.

Artist: Zammy Migdal
Curator: Mariavelia Savino
Sponsored by: Contemporary Art Projects USA
Location: Art Talk Area

An ideogram is a graphic symbol that represents an idea or concept of a thing without indicating the sounds, words, or specific language used to say it. Some ideograms are understandable by prior convention and others from the pictorial resemblance to a physical object (the latter are also called pictograms). Zammy Migdal has created a unique series of artworks titled “Translation” that follows the path of a number of western innovators who envisioned designing a universal written language.

A major conclusion to this presentation is a significant set of artworks composed by a fusion of the diverse symbols and alphabets adopted throughout the history of humanity. Migdal aims to show human beings as a whole and, moreover, to express that we can all understand one another, especially if we have a positive attitude. The bright solid colors embody his creative thinking, as well as the luminosity and colorful depiction of his experiences with the cultures of Israel, Cuba, and the Caribbean.

An extraordinary highlight of this Art Lab is Migdal’s celebration of the French master Henri Matisse’s paper cuts and collages. Matisse created a pictorial language that narrated several episodes of his life, places he visited, and his personal beliefs. Inspired by Matisse’s imagery during the final decade of his life, Migdal closes the creative artistic circle of “Translation” by creating a clever and colorful fusion of his sculptural art with the pictorial language of the great master.

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