When Science Becomes Art with Anrika Rupp

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For Anrika Rupp, a computer programmer who designed systems for some of the first computers, art and science are inextricably linked. Rupp earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Parsons School of Design before earning a Bachelor of Science from the Columbia University School of Engineering. Today, she combines her education and her training as an artist and an engineer—and she’ll be bringing her expertise in both worlds to Art Santa Fe for a provocative Art Talk.

As Contemporary Art Projects USA Founder Tata Fernandez interviews Rupp, attendees will learn how Rupp’s interest in cosmic matter and phenomena of the formation of galaxies come together in her three-dimensional artwork. For example, in one of Rupp’s notable works, Galaxy In A Box #12Fusion Within, Fission Without, it looks like there is a brightly colored sphere inside a transparent cube; however, it is really a sequence of paintings on plastic squares that are geometrically aligned to create an illusion.

“My latest series of spherical objects is inspired by the space wanderers documented by the Hubble Space Telescope,” Rupp says of the piece. “Those impressive orbs floating in the vastness of space—some cold and quiet, others a furnace of atomic fusion—all together inspire awe, longing, and infinite loneliness in me. The pull they exert on my imagination fuels my drive to search for understanding, inspiring me to find the origin of the sense of identity that the vastness of outer space and the atomic world create in me.”

At Art Santa Fe, Rupp will be showing her amazing Phermutations collection and discussing how the world around her influences her art.

“Processes in nature are characterized by permutations, mutations, and symmetries,” Rupp says. “Our universe and nature are infinitely efficient and expansive. Built into the system of how things work is the availability of innumerable possibilities. With just a few rules and some constraints, all that we know has come to be in mind-boggling variety.”

To hear more from the visual artist and photographer, don’t miss her Art Talk, When Science Becomes Art, at 6 p.m. Saturday, July 15, at Art Santa Fe. Other Art Talks include Cuban Art—Creativity Elevated with Juan Luis Perez and Summer Safety with Artist Kelly Fischer. We hope to see you there!

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