NM Skies by Keely Jane

Booth #RA-5

Artist Bio:
Keely Jane is an upcycling, abstract, mixed media artist – born in Telluride Colorado and currently living in New Mexico. A creative force since Montessori, Keely spent a lifetime dabbling in painting, sketching, poetry, lyrics, glassblowing, ceramics, jewelry making…..

She’s all across the art spectrum – fearless of controversy and never afraid of new expression. Her inspiration? A most eccentric Russian grandmother.

“Grandma was a certifiable hoarder – never threw anything away – nothing was garbage, everything was art.

She instilled in me the importance of recycling and upcycling and more importantly, that you can make something beautiful out of anything.”

It’s no wonder Keely found her niche creating one of a kind works of art out of broken and discarded materials; artwork she likes to call Broken and Brilliant.

Contact Info:
Website: https://brokenandbrilliant.com/

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