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Artist Bio:
Catherine Trapani
Born: 1963, Long Island, NY. Lives: Santa Fe, NM.

Catherine Trapani is a visual artist working in cold wax, encaustic and alt-process photographic techniques. Her photographic images are part of and serve as inspiration for her painted imagery.

On her approach to art Catherine says, “I choose symbolic images as an invocation, layering color and more images in order to document that challenge me to explore and reveal complex narratives, the inner logic of an image. For me, a successful work of art leaves you wanting, opening a door to the next piece, containing elements that challenge or are unresolved. Mystery, timelessness, lushness, evocative surfaces are the qualities I strive to create in my work. I am drawn to media and processes that invite drips, smears and other beautiful mishaps”.

Catherine has exhibited work at the Seattle Art Museum and Portland Art Museum. She studied studio art at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, Pratt Institute, Seattle, WA. Her work is included in many corporate collections, including the Westin Hotel and Hilton Hotel groups.

Press Release:
Cold Wax is Hot at Art Santa Fe!
(Fans of encaustic need not worry, hot wax is, still, also hot. Technically, even hotter.)

Contemporary artist Catherine Trapani creates paintings with layers hot and cold wax to create dreamy, atmospheric painted surfaces. She will be exhibiting her nature-inspired works on panel at Art Santa Fe, July 19-21, 2019.

Catherine is a popular instructor at the Encaustic Art Institute of NM. A recent Seattle transplant, she created Trapani Studio, a fully equipped working/ teaching space on a little dirt road in Santa Fe.

Additional Info:
Catherine’s art work incorporates modern and ancient media: photographic and alt-process printmaking, encaustic, cold wax and collage. The making of the art itself creates a dialogue between art and artist, revealing unexpected, evocative narratives within the work.

“Memory of a Tree” The title is an ambiguity , a provacation, “Who is remembering”? I have no doubt that trees have stories of their own. Even if they are wordless, in time, we will come to know them. This painting was inspired by my memory of a Tapies work- “Symetria”.

Contact Info:
Instagram: Cat.Trapani.Artist
Facebook: Catherine Trapani Artist

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