A Fortune Teller by Jina Kim

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Artist Bio:
I don’t remember how and when I got in touch with tribal culture and indigenous people. I have always been interested in them since I was a teenager. My doodles were always of geometric patterns and colors. I started searching for the source of my interest and in 2013, I took a trip to Laos and Vietnam to meet actual indigenous people. That trip completely changed the way I see the world and it defined what I wanted to paint as an artist. Since then I moved to USA from South Korea and started digging more into Native American cultures. In the past decade, I have developed a great deal artistically, but still my art has been about tribes people, the indigenous world, and even farmers and cowboys, who are tribes in their own way. I am planning to take more trips to meet more indigenous people and learn more of tribal cultures.

Additional Info:
‘Colorfreak people in the Colorfreak World’
Where the people have a deep connection with their tribe.
Where the people find joy of life from human interaction with each other.
Where people don’t need distractions to feel content.
Where YOU can find what you are missing in your life.
Where just being who YOU are is enough.

My art is about people who don’t bring a large capital to the world but exist with us. The people who don’t require much but a piece of their own land and people to connect with. I find inspiration from lots of different tribespeople all over the world and their culture. And I mix all of them in my mind and create a world that is called, ‘Colorfreak world.’

Usually feeling empty, lonely and afraid comes from losing connection with the people you care. I paint people whose life is full of contentedness and liveliness just by deeply connecting with their tribe. They tell each other, ‘Who you are is enough.’

And yes, who YOU are is just enough for me.

Contact Info:
Website: https://colorfreakjina.com/


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