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Sofia Chitikov is a self-taught Russian-American contemporary visual artist that lives and works in Washington, D.C. She focuses on abstract mixed media textural work. Innovative and uniquely conceived in her own created style, each Artwork has a color of only gold and textures, or pure black, or white merged with pink, violet or an exquisite palette with selected bright colors. Her Art is in Private Collections of Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, in the United States, as well as in London in the United Kingdom. Her Series Dragons and Unicorns, questions the notion of good and evil rejecting its simplicity. Each piece re-imagines these polarities, as the artist invites viewers to a second look, to peel the layers, to discover the lighter side of dragons and the darker side of unicorns. Dragons and unicorns inside all of us. In fairy tales these mythical creatures exist in their purest form. The reality is much more dimensional, vibrant and messy. Creating plastic and resin layers she brings these elements to life. When the foundation is ready, she builds and enhances with acrylic paint, glass, markers, ink and gold leaf. The result is ‘balanced chaos’ that begs to be examined, understood and accepted.

About her new round art pieces, Sofia Chitikov has said: “With both pieces I am interpreting the “Illuminated” theme with a metaphysical/psychological angle. The Rainbow Bridge of Light, or otherwise known as Antahkarana in Sanskrit, connects the lower mind with the higher mind and takes you into oneness of consciousness, or enlightenment. On a different level, the variety of colors is meant to represent “white light” that combines all color frequencies. Shadow work is all about bringing our personal shadows, our personality traits that we hide from others, into the light. By accepting all parts of ourselves we become integrated and whole, closer to enlightenment. The bright and sparkly frame represents our outside persona and the black represents the shadow self. The negative space represents the lack of wholeness until two sides are balanced and integrated. Also, the black portion is covered with resin so you get a mirror effect.” …“Enquiry into the truth of the self is knowledge (Hindu Upanishads). I believe that when we get to know ourselves, we get to know the world. When we accept and love ourselves for all that we are, we begin to love and accept those around us. To love is to know. To love is to understand. Through my work, I challenge the reductionist tendencies of viewing human beings in absolute terms; as either good or bad, black or white, rich or poor. My goal is to showcase the complexity and the nuances of human nature by unifying contrasting elements and creating depth and dimension with layers.”

Sofia Chitikov has exhibited at The Other Art Fair 2017/2018, Brooklyn, NY. In 2017: at West Loop Art Fair; Conception Art Show, Chicago, IL; Amsterdam International Art Fair, Netherlands; Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan; Group Shows: The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA; Art+Word, Little Carriage House Gallery, Oak Park, IL; Expo Chicago “Art after hours”; Nasty Women Art Show, State of the Art Pop Up, Art Hearts, Fulton Street Collective Gallery, all in Chicago, IL. In 2018, represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA at Art Santa Fe Chitikov exhibited five artworks from her Dragons+Unicorns Series, and participated in the Pre-Art Basel Miami Week Exhibition: ART from Our Earth, the Sea and the Sky at the ArtsPark Gallery of Hollywood, FL. Presented by Contemporary Art Projects USA she also exhibited at Red Dot Miami 2018 and at the Booth in Art Santa Fe 2019, Chitikov shows two exquisite Artworks from her round series that for their elegant style, shining colors, unique textures and innovative message, will be highlights for the Art Collectors and the visitors of the Art Fair.

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