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Dale M Reid is a Contemporary fine art photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She solely uses black & white film and traditional photography methods. The absence of color focus the viewer on the textures and the opulence of lines and shapes that tell a unique story, as well as highlight the artistic expression of the flower over the white or black backgrounds. After taking a course in photography at Ryerson University in 1999, Dale earlier photographed landscapes and self portraits, later developing her artistic style with images of maritime to urban or industrial views. After 2008, her work embraced floral and still life themes. Now, her artworks mainly created in her studio depict botanical subjects with unique character and feeling, as the artist has mastered her composition and lighting. Dale’s work is internationally renowned on juried art competitions, group exhibits, awards and nominations. In 2013 a Spanish photography magazine invited her to have ten images from her oyster mushroom series featured with thirteen other international photographers, followed by invitations to exhibit in art fairs in America, Europe and the Far East. Dale has participated in Contact, Toronto Photography Festival, and her works are in the Sherman Hines Museum of Photography, Liverpool, NS, as well as in Private Collections from Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, United States and Europe.

Dale M Reid says: “Photography opened my eyes to the beauty and fragility of the world around me. After I left the structured corporate environment and changed genders, it allowed me to explore and develop my creativity… After experimenting with colored film, using a 35 mm camera, I was introduced to black and white film. I found a new method of expression that enabled me to make an emotional artistic statement without the distraction of color. I now use a medium format film camera… Prior to clicking the shutter, I pay careful attention to the composition, the focus, the quality of lighting and anticipate printing the image in the darkroom. Additionally, the film grain allows me to produce a silver gelatin print with a three-dimensional feel that has depth, motion and warmth. Today my subject matter features floral, mushroom and pear studies. My mission is to capture and present a unique perspective that engages the viewer and embodies a concept or tells a story. To create this unique perspective, I use a full range of techniques and experiment with staging, lighting, filters, aperture and shutter speed… There is a heart-warming feeling to see my vision come alive in front of me… My floral studies are sensual and erotic; with the images presented on a white background taking on the look of a sketch or painting… My floral studies are often compared with those of Robert Mapplethorpe and even Man Rey and Georgia O’Keeffe. It has been said that my mushroom images are reminiscent of Edward Weston’s “Bell Pepper” images. From a style perspective, my artwork has been compared to the Group f/64. The name of the Group is derived from a diaphragm number of the photographic lens. It signifies to a large extent the qualities of clearness and definition of the photographic image. The group is comprised of a select number of influential photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham.”

Recent Selected Awards and Recognition: 2019, 5th Fine Art Photography Awards, Nominee Fine Art; Fusion Art Online Exhibition: 2nd Annual Quarterly Women Artists, Exhibition Finalist; Monochrome Photography Awards, International Black & White Photography Contest, Professional Abstract Honorable Mention. 2018, One Eyeland Photography Awards, Finalist Fine Art Abstract; 13th Annual Black & White Spider Awards, Professional Still Life 2nd Place Merit of Excellence; Neutral Density Photography Awards, Professional Fine Art Abstract Honorable Mention; 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers, Professional Still Life Honorable Mention; International Photography Awards, Professional Fine Art Still Life Honorable Mention Fusion Art; 4th Annual Leave & Petals Online Exhibition Honorable Mention; 1st Annual Quarterly Women Artists Exhibition Finalist; Motif Collective Online Exhibition: Black & White Shortlisted and Your Best Shot Shortlisted; Monochrome Photography Awards, Professional Abstract Honorable Mention; 11th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers, Professional Series Abstract & Still Life Honorable Mention; 4th Fine Art Photography Awards, Professional Series Fine Art Honorable Mention. 2015, International Contemporary Masters Volume 11 artavita Certificate of Excellence. Other selected artistic participations: 2006, Published in ‘The Create book’, an annual creative industry portfolio book showcasing photography, illustration, film & video and interactive media. 2005, Photographs were used as a background in the made for TV Movie ‘Love Thy Neighbor’. The movie was shown on the U.S. Network Lifetime.

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