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Rose Masterpol, an abstract painter based in Santa Fe, NM, previously attended Syracuse University later graduating in CalArts with a BFA in graphic design. She lived for 27 years in Los Angeles working for ad agencies. Today, she acts as a creative director to her clients and is a fulltime painter. Between design and painting, Rose is always ready for the next great shot with her camera. In her biography, Rose’s Art is defined as distinctive and ever-evolving because of her vast array of interests, her creativity nourished by her poetry, music, graphic design, sculpture and landscape photography. Her work is the language of non-objective, organic and pure painting, consisting of abstract shapes, lines, instinct, and intuition made from acrylic or oil on large canvases. She is larger than life as are her works, often poetic with unrivaled breadth and depth, strong, boldly colored, uncanny and balanced. Her technical approach changes to the mood and flow of the next thing that emerges on a new canvas at any given time. Her abstractions stream from De Stijl to Fauvism, to expressionism to the pure abstract realm, inspired since childhood by the New York school of painters, Pollock, de Kooning, Kline and Motherwell.

Masterpol says: “Known for my vigorous gestural style, I am currently working on a new series called the Geometrix, a whole other way of painting for me, illustrative in form, but becomes as refined as humanly possible, resulting from deep thought, intricate design, sensitivity to color and color mixing, and grueling physicality. These acrylic on canvas paintings are large scale and colorful, employing odd geometric shapes whose converging movements and transparencies create a sense of depth. While they evoke the art and design of the mid-century modern, the Geometrix make strong statements about the “language of shape” in the 21st century. I recently introduced the Geometrix in a solo exhibit in New York City Tribeca. I work in a series format, which allows myself and the work to progress and never stop evolving. I can explore all forms of abstraction without limitations. My influences are nature, sound and truth. They alter me in many ways I cannot explain. It’s like jumping off a bridge into an abyss. In that depthless space I compose, allow, surrender and give birth to something unsuspecting. I relinquish thought so something else can emerge, something unexplainable. The stuff in between existence and non-existence is my playground. I gain access to unearthly realms of the unseen and the unknown through my human experiences. Because I am highly sensitive, vulnerable and intuitive, I am vastly open to possibilities that are not otherwise present or available. Since I can remember, I had a demanding drive to create… it is a true reflection of who I am, inside-out. In the end, the result/work is a self-actualized breathing entity, which is a part of the whole (body of work), kind of like how the universe works.”
Rose Masterpol’s Recent Solo Exhibitions: 2019, Algo Rhythms, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary, NYC. 2017, Saints + Sinners, Victory Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM. 2015, Dogmata, Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA. 2014, WHITE, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. 2012, Deliberate and Unintentional, Hadid Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; 1“Emoticon”, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA. 2011, Catharsis, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Art exhibit and winery used my art on label, Artiste Winery & Gallery, Los Olivos, CA. Recent Group Exhibitions: 2018, exhibits Black & white and ARTISTS ALIGN, Buckhead Art & Company, Atlanta, GA; Art Palm Springs – Premier Art Fair; Size Doesn’t Matter 11,Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA. 2017, Sizzle, Wallspace LA, Los Angeles, CA; One Hit Wonder, Kocen Glave Gallery, Richmond VA. 2016, In This Together, Kobalt Gallery Provincetown, MA; New Identity, Janine Contemporary Industry, Santa Fe, NM. 2015, MASTERPOL & GYÖRFI: IN CONTRAST, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Miami Spectrum – Artblend; Cambridge City Art Fair – UK; Kobalt Celebrates 10 Seasons, Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Artamo Summer Exhibit, Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath, London; Twenty Fifteen Season Preview, Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA; Natural Surroundings, Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA; Battersea AAF, London, UK.

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