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Dr. J. P. AZULAY, Neuropsychologist, the daughter of European immigrants, grew up exposed to the arts and “nonlinear thinkers”. She uses multi mediums to bring together her love of medicine and the arts in an alchemy of creativity and ancient text that are geared to impact the viewer on a dimensional level. These series of eclectic combinations totaling 72 paintings are designed to tap into the essence of your being and speak to the individual’s consciousness transcending space and time. The paintings that you are drawn to connect to your own questions in a universal yet intimate way.

Additional Info: 
Dr. Azulay is a renowned Neuropsychologist who is the founder of The (MAP) Mindfulness Attention Program designed to address brain injured patients and chronic pain disorders. She has created conversational yet dimensional art work that immerse, captivates and confronts the very things that hide in the dark of our subconsciousness; may it be good, bad or indifferent. Dr. Azulay’s work has no judgment but only your truth, your perception and what the art means to the individuals it resonates with. Her work touches some aspects of all of us. The symbols she uses with the imagery bring about a grounding and harmonious energy; especially when one or more paintings are put together into a room or single space.

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