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Artist Bio:
When I was a child, I worked with my father in his studio where he taught me many varied artistic techniques. You see, I’m a second-generation artist. I grew up in a studio environment, learning first from my father and then from other contemporary masters through hands-on experience. As I continued to learn throughout my life, I’ve been inspired to express myself through many different mediums. My maturity as an artist has evolved and flourished in this environment as can be seen from my work. Growing up in California, I was influenced by the beauty of the Southwest, which continues to inspire my rich blend of colors and textures. I infuse each work with my own spirit, giving my art its own distinctive energy. My fascination with how different materials react to each other has pushed my work to the limits of experimental application.Texture is the focus of my art. I feel this is what makes each piece completely unique. The owner of a Casey Original can be confident that they own a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. I take pride in my art and each piece can be enjoyed for many years. My work is shown in select galleries and is collected worldwide.

Additional Info:
Originals by Michael Casey, one of the things you might notice right off is that there are no frames around any of my work. I like the fact that there is no need to frame my work as it is a free flow style embodied only to itself. I like the fact that my work, like fine wine, has room to breathe and is not choked out or subject to manufactured packaging, “truly no frame required.” A 2″ float is all you need to achieve a beautiful look. The feeling and direction of my work, from pallet to completion and design is built and created by myself alone. I start with a wood panel and build up several layers of texture to create this look. I can manipulate the material when wet or carve into it when dry. Un-typically light in weight, but is fashioned for the illusion of heavy stone or metal. I use many types of materials to crate the effects in making my pieces to take shape. Some of the materials I use: modeling paste, artist gesso, fired ceramic, 100% acrylics, glazes, stains, oil base sealants, alcohol based stains and satin exterior varnish for longevity, use of dusting and UV protection.

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