Perpetual Motion II by Aleta Pippin

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Artist Bio:
Aleta Pippin was six when she moved to the desert of Southern California. At first, it seemed very hot and stark, however, it wasn’t long before she appreciated the clear light, deep blue sky, long views, and majestic mountains that were so prominent. All of it impressed on her subconscious mind for that time when she would realize her high school dream of becoming an artist.

The first step in moving toward realization of that dream began quite serendipitously in 1992, after a move to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Used to living out of her Daytimer in Houston, Pippin needed something to get her integrated into the Santa Fe community; she took a painting class, something she had been interested in since childhood. For the next several years, she painted – mostly portraits and landscapes; experimenting with different media – acrylics, oils, pastels, and watercolors, honing her preferences to oils and acrylics.
In 2003, Pippin’s passion for painting became realized blooming into a full-time career. She continued to improve her technique and found her voice – becoming an abstract artist. Color is her driving force. The impressions and emotion of Pippin’s childhood, growing up in the Coachella Valley desert expressed themselves into her paintings, showing up as color, freedom, and energetic movement.

Thus Pippin launched her third career in 2004 as a full-time abstract painter. In 2011, she opened Pippin Contemporary giving viewers and collectors a “sensory experience of color and mood.”

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