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Artist Bio:
My passion for photography began in the early 1960’s with a Kodak Brownie camera, a small black-and-white darkroom and exposure to the work of photographic heroes like W. Eugene Smith, Jerry Uelsmann, Eliot Porter, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and others. Early work in commercial photography, film and television production led to a second career building and running a creative marketing agency. For the past twenty years I’ve devoted myself to refining the tools and techniques of digital image capture and creation, printing, mounting and framing.

Artist Statement:
Much of my work is drawn from the natural world, but I enjoy creating images whose origins may not be readily clear. This kind of abstraction often leads to images that are intriguing to look at, but also a bit mysterious. My goal is to stimulate active engagement between image and viewer in a way that is fundamentally peaceful and relaxing.

Additional Info:
All my images are made by hand. Each is printed on lightly textured fine art paper using a ten-color pigment ink process. Prints are laminated to acid-free board and sealed with three coats of a clear, archival, UV-filtering polymer so they can be safely displayed without reflective glass or acrylic. I cut and join the frames and assemble the components to create images that appear to float in space. One of the by-products of this “glassless” presentation is a remarkable three-dimensional depth. It’s a great compliment when people ask if my images are paintings.

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