Art Santa Fe Testimonials

After we wrap up a show, our favorite thing is to hear the glowing reviews that come in from our exhibitors and attendees in the days following. Here are a few takeaways from the premiere of Art Santa Fe!

  • “Art Santa Fe is a show attracting outside galleries and buyers, presenting art in professional upscale manner and most importantly, selling art."

    Bruce Adams
    Bruce Adams Publisher - Santa Fean NOW
  • We thought it a great show. We will see you at Artexpo New York in April for sure, and then back at Art Santa Fe 2020!

    New York Center for Photographic Art
    New York Center for Photographic Art Art Santa Fe 2019 Exhibitor
  • Great opening night! Looking forward to seeing more this weekend!

    B.E., Attendee
    B.E., Attendee
  • Enjoyed the show, as always!

    Wayne Mikosz Art San Diego 2019 Attendee
  • Enjoyed exhibiting in this first. I had a lot of interest in my work and I met some fun, interesting, innovative artists.

    Linda Fitzgerald
    Linda Fitzgerald Rising Artist Gallery Exhibitor
  • Exhibitor Kim Klabe is inventive and a delight. Saw the work last night and talked with her. Some of the best at the show. Thank you, Kim.

    W. M
    W. M Art San Diego 2019 Attendee
  • "The space felt great. It looked great! Many past exhibitors came back, and did good business. It was a wonderful show! Redwood is going to be a great asset to Art Santa Fe."

    Charlotte jackson
    Charlotte jackson Charlotte Jackson Fine Art
  • "We had such a positive outcome from the show last year that the South African Small Business Development Department encouraged us to come back again this year. Many collectors have come back to us from last year looking for a particular artist's work. We are honored to be at the show again this year and look forward to additional opportunities with Redwood and their shows."

    Curator Contemporary Art South Africa
  • Thank you for allowing us to showcase LeRoi’s work. It was an honor collaborating with the Redwood Media Group for the Art Santa Fe show. We wanted to take the time to highlight Mira Fox and Mark Shapiro for being so professional and accommodating. We look forward to collaborating with you on more shows in the near future.

    Beatriz Arevalo
    Beatriz Arevalo YNOBE DNA Marketing
  • The whole show was great. We really loved the [SOLO] area. Great artists!

    Art Santa Fe 2018 - Collector
    Art Santa Fe 2018 - Collector
  • Thank you for allowing me into Art Santa Fe 2018.  Everyone liked my art and for that, I am humbled and grateful. I would love to discuss other potential shows for which my work might fit.

    Sandy Maguire
    Sandy Maguire New West Designs
  • "Once again, it was a pleasure to be part of your projects. Your professionalism and friendly atmosphere during the shows is a plus for our artists and us.

    From the moment I set up my booth to the moment I took it down—and from opening to closing time of each day of the show—I found excitement and motivation from my surroundings and all of the people that passed through our exhibition. All four days were equally my favorite and brought with them new opportunities for my artists to expose and sell their work.

    I was very pleased with the attendance, and expected nothing less from an internationally renowned show as is Art Santa Fe, as well as the organizers' expertise in promoting these types of events.

    The theme and presentation of the show truly complemented the vibrancy and vitality of the work my artists produce; making the show a perfect platform for them to exhibit.

    We are thrilled to announce that we sold seven pieces, including panel pieces from the 'Horizons' installation, and a patron commissioned one piece for a new house in Deerfield Beach, Florida."

    Tata Fernandez
    Tata Fernandez Contemporary Art Projects USA
  • "The show has been surprising! It's our first time, and it's been a good show. Of course, I was especially excited to two of my paintings, including 'Chamisa' for $15,500! It has been wonderful to see a variety of artists and attendees coming from all over the world!"

    David Perez Escudero
    David Perez Escudero InArt Gallery, Santa Fe
  • We had a great experience at Art Santa Fe. RMG does an outstanding job. The preview party was fun and we enjoyed Saturday also. Lots of people to interact with—and to sell to. I'm hopeful that next year's show will have even more gallery representation.

    Aleta Pippin
    Aleta Pippin Pippin Contemporary
  • I really enjoyed the show and I felt that it was the best ever Art Santa Fe. It seems every year the quality goes up. As a regular visitor of TEFAF Maastricht, I especially enjoyed the addition of some of the historical art—like those pieces displayed by Grier Clarke at Art Link International and the Mathews Gallery.

    Paul Parker
    Paul Parker Santa Fe Art Club
  • The Opening Night Preview Party was a wonderful event, and all seemed to enjoy. Thank you so much.

    Christopher Hagen
    Christopher Hagen The Albuquerque Journal
  • "You did a great job in promoting the show and the complementary events for all ages. It was also great that you were checking in often with the participating galleries to see if we needed anything."

    Nancy Boshers
    Nancy Boshers Mill Contemporary Gallery
  • This is the best Art Santa Fe I have been to—and I have been coming for years.

    Art Santa Fe 2018 - Attendee
    Art Santa Fe 2018 - Attendee
  • You guys did a great job of putting the show together, and you really have a nice group of people working for RMG

    Janet Bothne
    Janet Bothne Studio J Contemporary
  • I attended the Art Santa Fe show this past weekend – it was fabulous! The best one yet, in my opinion.

    Mary Meredith
    Mary Meredith GuestLife New Mexico
  • The fair was great! Best ever!

    Anne Wrinkle
    Anne Wrinkle SITE Santa Fe
  • "We had a great experience exhibiting Mina Mokhtarzadeh's art at Art Santa Fe and we will be looking forward to participating next year as well. We had a wide range of visitors: art collectors, art appraisers, artists, and art lovers. We enjoyed exhibiting and talking with a lot of people of different ages and backgrounds who were either local to New Mexico or visitors from other states or countries. This was our second experience with Redwood Media Group and we really like working with them. Their staff is very friendly and supportive, and if we had a problem they tried their best to solve it to help us have a great experience. The staff, volunteers, and even security guards were nice and the ambiance was filled with positive energy. We would like to extend our thanks to RMG for their expertise and support during our art show."

    Shadi Movahed
    Shadi Movahed Mina Mokhtarzadeh Fine Art
  • Contemporary Art Projects has been coming to Art Santa Fe for many years. This year, the attendance was increased measurably with collectors very interested in the artwork. I always sell at this fair — and it is also a great fair to meet important collectors, with opportunity for future follow up.

    Tata Fernandez
    Tata Fernandez Contemporary Art Projects
  • First, let me thank you all for being very professional about the whole expo, from start to end. This was my first experience of having a solo booth anywhere. I got a museum invitation, an offer to make an art book of my work, three good European connections, and some possible future sales. On the whole, a very pleasant experience for me. Thanks again to all of you.

    Helene Steene
    Helene Steene Helene Steene Collection
  • "To the fantastic Art Santa Fe organizers, each one of you is to be congratulated for producing a glorious show! So many people came up to me and shared great comments constantly throughout the show. They all felt the need to express how pleased they were with the art, and the way the entire show was produced and handled. I, of course, agreed wholeheartedly. Thank you for honoring me in so many different ways this past weekend. I am still floating on cloud nine, ten, and beyond. I have encouraged many artists to go with your Redwood Media Group shows in all your locations."

    Heidi Loewen
    Heidi Loewen Heidi Loewen Gallery
  • "Our space was a great space for the amount of artwork and number of artists we brought with us. The visual representation of our work was great in the space. I felt there was enough variety in the works of all the artists that we all complemented each other. The location of the show was great, as it was centrally located to everything. We greatly appreciate the opportunity and were very happy with the outcome of this show!"

    Greg Creason
    Greg Creason Creason's Fine Art
  • You may not know this, but I think you are one of the best fine art show organizers on the planet. I do not say that lightly. I always learn a lot from you. I truly admire what you do immensely. Thank you for being exactly the way you are.

    Heidi Loewen
    Heidi Loewen Heidi Loewen Fine Art
  • Thank you for allowing us to showcase LeRoi’s work. It was an honor collaborating with the Redwood Media Group for the Art Santa Fe show. We wanted to take the time to highlight Mira Fox and Mark Shapiro for being so professional and accommodating. We look forward to collaborating with you on more shows in the near future.

    Beatriz Arevalo
    Beatriz Arevalo YNOBE DNA Marketing
  • "The show has been really good, there's been a great turnout—a lot of people have been steadily coming in. It's our first time out here in Santa Fe. I know that a lot of people have to see my husband's work a couple of times before they decide to invest in it, but we've actually had three commissions come out of the show so far. We absolutely love working with Redwood Media Group. They make you feel like family, they work really closely with you, and they come and check on you continuously to make sure that everything is going smoothly and if there's anything they can do to help."

    Ester Shupe,
    Ester Shupe, Eric Shupe Collection
  • "Opening night was the most successful sales wise and the energy was great – with lots of people. I sold 3 pieces during the show including 'Reflections, Remembrances, and Realizations' which sold for $2600.00. After the show, I've already had someone call and buy a piece they saw on opening night."

    Katie O'Sullivan
    Katie O'Sullivan Katie O'Sullivan Studios
  • "Art Santa Fe was another incredible show by Redwood Media Group. They never cease to amaze me by their absolute professionalism and care that they put into their shows. The Opening Night vibe was outstanding and it definitely carried through till the end of the show! We ended up selling two pieces at the show and are now working on a large corporate installation from a connection made at Art Santa Fe. I would say that Redwood Media's first year at the helm of ASF was a huge success and we cannot wait for next year!"

    Jeffrey Bisaillon
    Jeffrey Bisaillon JBIS Contemporary
  • "It was a nice place to show, a very professional-looking room. All the staff was very helpful."

    J. Keith Zudell
    J. Keith Zudell J. Keith Zudell Fine Art
  • We loved the show and had a great time. I received so many compliments and a lot of interest in my work—and I sold three pieces. The show is well managed and professional. I felt like I was with a group, well organized and competent. Thank you for a good show. We want to attend the 2018 show and are interested in doing other RMG shows.

    Sonja Metzler
    Sonja Metzler Sonja Metzler Fine Art
  • "Being in the show alongside so many exciting artists and artworks was inspiring. I was so excited to be a part of it that I liked all the days, but Thursday evening was super fun and I liked the flow of collectors on Sunday. I learned a lot from this first show and I am eager to try it again."

    Sandy Vaillancourt
    Sandy Vaillancourt Sandy Vaillancourt Studio
  • I wanted to give you some good news: A woman from Louisiana who attended the show decided to buy one of my works and has commissioned me for another. Thanks again to you, Eric, Rick, and the team for a great show and your support!

    Welde Carmichael
    Welde Carmichael Welde Carmichael Fine Art

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